Our process to help you become a successful smart factory.

Our customers transform metal into high quality and innovative Italian Made products thanks to their continuous research. Our job is to help them with solutions that can add value to every step of their production chain.


Technical Office

A good start is crucial for those who want to be a market leader. Our technicians and engineers collaborate with the customer's technical department to evaluate what is technologically available on the market and design customized solutions together.

Training department

We strongly believe in skills and in highly trained workers; enhancing industrial culture is part of our mission and is a fundamental aspect of quality production. This is why we constantly invest in our training and that of our customers.

Cutting area

In collaboration with the technicians of our subsidiary AMAK, we can provide our customers with a solution for any kind of cutting request. We evaluate each customer's need for either a standard application or an ad hoc solution. We assist our customers from the upgrading of existing machinery to the design and creation of a solution tailor-made for them.

Welding area

Anyone who has had to deal with welding knows how complex this process is because "a new material is born with each bead". The goal is to limit the process variability as much as possible and optimize productivity while maintaining a high standard of quality. We try to find technological solutions that enable our customers to become industry leaders.

Quality control office

Quality control plays a decisive role for those who want to compete globally and meet international standards. One of the tasks of TSM is to keep its customers informed about regulations in order to help them implement procedures to ensure the manufacture of defect-free products.


Maintenance department

The calculation of the costs related to machine downtime is usually neglected when evaluating an investment, but the reliability of a partner is often put to the test in the timeliness and continuity of after-sales assistance. Thanks to modern technology, today the customer can count on remote assistance that never abandons them.

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Our method in five steps

01.As Is

Analysis of the current situation and of the available budget.


Selection of key variables as the critical factors to be optimized.


Individuation of the objectives and of the indicators to measure their achievement.

04.To Be

Presentation of future technical solutions and scenarios.


Evaluation of the return on investment and expected time for repayment.

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